Max Salvaggio grew up in Marsala, a quaint town situated on the picturesque shores of Sicily. At the tender age of 9, Salvaggio was gifted a 1978 Polaroid Instant Land camera fromhis uncle Giuseppe Salvaggio referred to his camera as his “Box of Beauty”; a tool that enables him to play with light like a kaleidoscope, allowing him to capture the world from different perspectives, and keep his treasured images forever.

Fascinated by beauty, form and structure, Salvalggio went to study architecture at the University of Palermo and shortly thereafter embarked on his creative journey, eventually settling in Milan to be closer to the world of fashion photography. Salvaggio’s eye for beauty attracted the attention of world-renowned fashion labels and started shooting fashion, swimwear, and lingerie campaigns around the world.

Despite his creative influences he picked up on his travels, Salvaggio’s unique style has remained constant over time. His ability to mastermind and channel the subject’s essence into imagery allows for a distinct artistic process.

“Photography is like playing with fire – the subject is multifaceted, fleeting, ever changing. It can be timid, it can be roaring, but in the right moment, with the right environmental adjustments, you can harness this flame. My job is to embody the very essence of this fire, gently guide it so its uniqueness is amplified, and capture it just at that exact moment”
Salvaggio describes having a strong emotional connection in this process and works tirelessly to orchestrate and capture his perception of his "fire", giving his work an authentic touch.
Salvaggio currently resides in Milan, but often travels the world to follow wherever his creative instinct and ventures take him.
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